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About Us

Good Grief is committed to education to build resilience and foster wellbeing. Good Grief provides programs for children, young people and adults challenged by loss and change.

Our work is based on Mary MacKillop’s principle “Never see a need without doing something about it.” Our founders saw a need within the community to provide support for those feeling alone or helpless in the face of significant loss or change. Our programs seek to support all members of the community to develop the knowledge and skills to adjust to significant life events, and to grow from the experience.

We have a suite of programs and resources developed to support children, young people and adults to understand and manage change, loss and grief in their lives. Our aim is to enable them to achieve resilience and new hope.

Good Grief’s flagship program is Seasons for Growth®. The program was first developed in 1996 with funding provided by the Mary MacKillop Foundation   The work of Professor Anne Graham as the author of this program is acknowledged and her kind permission for its continued use is noted with thanks. Anne is the Foundation Director of the Centre for Children and Young People  at Southern Cross University, Lismore. She is a vital ongoing supporter of the work of Good Grief, and we acknowledge and appreciate her generous sharing of both expertise and insight.

An initiative of the Sisters of St Joseph, Good Grief Ltd is an Australian owned not-for-profit organisation.


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