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Kerry Stirling - Chief Executive Officer

Kerry has been with Good Grief since July 2009. He has been a teacher all his working life including Principal of three schools. He holds a BA Dip Ed and did his MA Hons thesis in literacy teaching. His chief interests are his family, vegetable gardening, horse racing, good food, cooking, wine, fishing, camping, music, drama, films and anything else that makes life great fun!

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  Karen Muir rsj - National Program Coordinator 

Karen is a Sister of St Joseph who has had many years experience in primary education, including 17 years as principal of various schools in country NSW. She has a Bachelor of Education and a post-graduate Certificate in Counselling. Karen’s involvement with Seasons for Growth began in 1998, and she worked full time with the program between 2001-2003. Her time in schools and with the program has allowed Karen to share her passion of supporting children to build self-worth and have the best possible start in life. For this reason, Karen is delighted to be back working with Good Grief.

Karen enjoys sewing, particularly patchwork and she loves to spend time with family and friends, especially her grand-nieces and nephew.

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Fiona McCallum - National Program Coordinator 

Fiona joined the Good Grief team in May 2012 as the Coordinator for Seasons for Growth Adult program.  She has over 11 years experience in Human Resources in the health sector, incorporating wellbeing, education and communications.  Upon graduating from university, Fiona worked as a Registered Nurse in Aged Care, clinical and surgical settings, and as a nurse educator/counsellor.

Fiona has three school age children and has witnessed first- hand the benefits of the Seasons for Growth program in providing young people with the tools to assist and support them with their individual life journeys.  She enjoys the beach, surfing, yoga and spending time with her family.

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Helen Jardine -  (Operations & Marketing)

Helen Jardine

Helen has been with Good Grief since April 2008. With over 15 years marketing experience in the corporate sector ranging from global telecommunications to boutique incentive marketing operations, she was ready to embrace a role where she could make a difference and give something back to the community. Having school aged children herself, she appreciates the value of the Seasons for Growth program and its ability to build resilience and strength in those troubled by grief and loss. She enjoys time with her family and friends, camping, cycling and anything to do with water!

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Nicole Romain - (Client Services & Support)

Nicole Romain

Nicole has been with Good Grief since August 2009. Nicole's background experience is in office administration and she has previously worked with corporates and small businesses.  She has had direct experience with the Seasons for Growth program and is passionate about the access of the program for the wider community to assist people faced with grief, loss and change in their lives.  She believes in the importance of accessibility to all.  Nicole enjoys travel, walking, movies and seeing friends.

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Contact - (02) 8912 2707  Email:

Patricia Williams rsj, Cert. Prim. ED., B.Ed., Dip. Counselling, B. Theol., Master of Ministry. (State Coordinator VIC)

Patricia Williams is a Sister of St. Joseph and a native Victorian who has been a Seasons for Growth Companion since 1996 and the State Coordinator for Good Grief programs since 2002. Previously, Patricia was a primary school teacher and principal in various Catholic schools in Victoria and then worked as a Pastoral Associate in some Melbourne Catholic Parishes. Currently, Patricia works with local trainers and coordinates training for Seasons for Growth in Victoria and South Australia and supports Companions through the Seasons for Growth network as they help young people and adults find out that they are “not the only one” experiencing loss and change.

Patricia’s other interests include a love of travel, AFL (Go, Roos…!) cryptic crosswords, reading, walking and cycling.

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Benita Tait Dip Teach, B Ed. (Regional Coordinator NSW)

Benita Tait

Benita has been working with Good Grief since July 2007. She coordinates the Seasons for Growth program in the Hunter region, NSW. Benita has been involved with the Seasons for Growth program since 1998 when she began running groups in a high school in Newcastle. After leaving teaching to look after her four children she volunteered at her sons Primary School and continued to Companion Young People and Adults. Benita is passionate about the Seasons for Growth program and the work Good Grief is doing to support people affected by change, loss and grief. Benita likes to watch her sons play rugby league, have BBQ’s with family and friends, watch a movie with her husband and family and spend holidays with her extended family. She also likes to spend time alone reading a good book and enjoying the peace and quiet.

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