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Adult Program

adultsThe Seasons for Growth Adult Program is a loss and grief education program which aims to build resilience and promote the social and emotional wellbeing of adults as they adapt to changes in their lives.  These  changes may be as a result of death, separation, divorce, unemployment or other major loss experiences.

'Grief' in the Seasons for Growth program is understood as a difficult and complex time of hurt (sadness, anger, fear, confusion, guilt) that is a normal and natural response when change and/or loss occurs in life.  Participants explore this interpretation of grief with a trained 'Companion', within a seasonal framework based on Worden's tasks of grief.

The Seasons for Growth Adult Program consists of two separate elements:

  • Understanding Change, Loss and Grief (3 hour seminar)
  • Exploring the Seasons of Grief (4-8 session small group program)

The Understanding Change, Loss and Grief seminar is designed for use in a wide variety of workplaces and community settings where groups and individuals are seeking to deepen their general understanding of the nature and impact of change, loss and grief on their lives or in their workplace.

The Exploring the Seasons of Grief small group program creates a safe space for participants to 'have a say' in confidential, peer groups of 4-7 adults, and provides them with a chance to learn and practice new ways of thinking and responding to the hurt in their lives.  The program supports participants to learn about the personal impacts of change, loss and grief, whilst developing skills in communication, decision-making and problem-solving to help restore self confidence and self-esteem.

"It is such a gentle way to explore losses and issues..... I have used these skills over time to cope with different situations." Participant

"Sharing gives them confidence, courage and purpose.  They look at and experience life differently". Companion

"I have grown through the course.... I still have some anger, but no longer resentment." Participant

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