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Literature for Life

Literature for Life is a whole-class program which builds resilience and equips students to cope with change, loss and challenge.

It integrates into the literature syllabus of the English curriculum at senior primary and junior secondary levels, so is not an addition to but an alternative within the teaching load. Through class, group and individual activities, students develop emotional, social and verbal literacy.

The structure of the program maintains a safe environment for students and teacher, where activities draw on objective or fictional material. Participants are never asked to share their own story.

Classroom exercises enable students to:

  • identify changes and challenges that young people face
  • explore ways in which people commonly cope with changes and challenges
  • develop a shared language for discussing emotional or behavioural reactions to loss, change or challenge
  • enhance reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • develop greater empathy for classmates and a stronger sense of belonging

Students are positioned as the “experts” on what is it like to be their age in this world. This enables them to share realistic and relevant coping strategies with one another, and also builds their self esteem.