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Stormbirds 2016

Good Grief offers support to schools in the areas recently affected by fires, floods or any natural disasters that seriously affect communities. Stormbirds is ideally implemented 6-9 months after a natural disaster to help children and young people to process their feelings and experience about the changes the disaster has caused.

This program is available free of charge. Details about the program, its structure and delivery, and evaluation data, are found here

The assistance offered includes teacher training, as the program is led in small groups by a suitable adult – a counsellor, teacher, or para professionals such as teacher aides or chaplains who have attended training. Training has two purposes – one is to allow teachers to explore their own reactions to the effects of the disaster, and two, to map out the impact on the school community and the way children have been affected, and how the program assists children to settle and get on with their classwork and learning, and all other aspects of their life.