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LFL & Your Schools

Interested teachers can run Literature for Life in a number of ways in their schools.

At a senior primary level, the six sessions may consist part of the English or PDHPE curriculum. Teachers may choose to do the sessions back to back or stretch them out over the term, and as many books as desired can be included for the Reading circle.

For junior secondary level, the program fits neatly with the values and key competencies of the English curriculum and can be taught over 10 classes, with the potential for a presentation to primary school students at the end.

Teacher Manuals and CD-ROMs provide the resources necessary for the implementation of this Program. No training is required for teachers to run this program as the Manual clearly lays out lesson plans and learning outcomes. You can purchase the program on our Resources Page.

Comments from teachers…

  • “Well done producing a program which enhances the effectiveness of emotional literacy for our young people.”
  • “It really captures a good deal of what teaching English is about: making connections between language, literature and life experience.”
  • “Thank you for providing me with a wonderful literary program that also supports the emotional needs of the students.”